Hey this is the server sleet leader here. There are a lot of armies in club penguin that are also nations-and we are just a an army with out the army if you know what I mean. We are no army-just a nation. Got it?

This type of government is an empire for those of you who are a bit slow today and still wondering.

If you want to join the citizen list-then just say so! You will have to pay taxes to the government BUT you will get to attend parties that no one else is able to attend! All you have to do to be a citizen is leave a comment with your club penguin name and saying you want to join, and you’re in! There are more rewards but I will post those later.

I do know both Snowy270 & Hollister765 in real life, if any of you are wondering. I am 13 and am in 7th grade in MN with Snowy270. We get in so much trouble together lol. Like today, we were shining a laser pointer on a bald teacher’s head at school to see if it would reflect off. We almost got caught lol.
Here is me on club penguin
And here is my player card
Please join because there are a lot of rewards to be given out, but only if you join as a citizen of Sleet! Also pretty obvious but for those of you who are a bit slow today, then the only server you should go on if you join Sleet is (DUH!!!!!) Sleet. It’s on the 3rd page of U.S. on club penguin, the top left corner.
Thanks and please join!


2 comments so far

  1. snowy270 on

    Hey this is Snowy270 (You know me) and I would like to join sleet as a citizen! Thanks!
    Andrew575: Actually… Because I know you in real life you can be a leader! Unless you really want to be a citizen…

  2. markjonny on

    nice try

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