Rebellion & Police Force

Apparently trying to control Sleet was a rebellion all along, the nachos already ‘control’ it bit they are not big enough, or well put together enough to defend their nation of 49 servers (That includes Sleet). I have asked for ACP support in the liberation of Sleet, just simply to drive the nachos out of it. They have not responded yet. A nation of 49 servers is bigger than the DRACP AND the USRPF combined! So we would like any army who reads this to please leave a comment saying they can help, and if you help you will be allowed to control a 1-room military base in Sleet. Thanks!

Now, for the police force. It is a rebellion, so we kind of do need this. Any penguin who would like to join the police force, whether a citizen or not, is totally welcome! This is not temporary, it is to also control crime and robbing stores when we get bigger. If you join the police force you can quit at any time. So please join the police force!

The nachos don’t really know about this rebellion yet, it’s a secret from them right now. If we can rise to power in secrecy, there’s no way the nachos will have any chance at all to crush the rebellion, because it will come as a surprise to them and we will be really strong. Plus, the nachos are pretty occupied with their war with ACP now… It should be quite easy to keep this a secret from the nachos!

Andrew575, the rebel emperor of Sleet!


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  1. Ideaman on

    Unfortunately, the Nachos and the ACP are beginning to tire of war and they’re thinking about ending it (they want this Saturday may be their final battle), and the leader of the ACP (Oagalthorp) is quitting, 😦 and is being replaced by Fort57 and Tom Yellow.
    I don’t know what kind of strategy we should use to fight the Nachos. Hit and run tactics would be the definite choice in the real world, but running is unfortunately equal to surrender in CP. We could try and attack any Nacho we see, but they may get reinforcements and outnumber us. Do you think we should wait until we’re larger?
    Andrew575: I think I have a plan-we should keep it mostly a secret for now, and get much larger. Also, we should all dress different, and one at a time, attack small nacho patrols (if there are any) to weaken them, and they will just think its someone who doesn’t like them, not a rebellion. I think we should use the worst leader’s strategy (Well not a bad leader, a strong leader with TERRIBLE ideas) it’s actually Lightning War. I think it’s in German: ‘Blitzkrieg’. This means we have to strike only when the nachos are completely unprepared and as soon as possible before they gain any more power. And yes, the leader is actually Hitler. No, that’s not saying we are racist because we aren’t! So just wait until we get bigger, then attack very fast and only when the nachos aren’t ready for it!
    For that we need a lot of citizens!
    Do you want to join? You can be head of police and also a citizen.

  2. Ideaman on

    I decided that I’ll be a part-time head of police, because I’m already in ACP, and FBV, plus CP is getting boring without membership, plus I generally go where my buddies are.
    I think that we should try and see what other people claim the same servers as Nachos.
    Also we should try and do something that would collapse their nation without violence. (For example, the CIA created a truck driver’s strike in Chile to topple the economy and Communist regime there during the Cold War. It worked, Chile is no longer Communist. Also Gandhi got India independent of the British Empire through nonviolent protest.) I personally think we should not fight crime until we are independent to show what a failure the Nachos are at guarding their territory from crime.
    Andrew575: Cool you know a lot of history just like me! Yeah, I’m a history freak lol. Sure, as head of police, you can make decisions, and I too think that’s a good one, now we just have to recruit officers to fight crime in the future, and fight the nachos if needed. That’s a good idea-we could convince people to do the same stuff as this with other servers that the nachos control. But then again, did you see the movie Gandhi? That was a pretty violent movie, even though Gandhi was peaceful, I guess the people didn’t think peace and nonviolent protest would solve anything so they got into a big fight. We’re not totally communist, because I’m not the only leader, Snowy270 is and you are kind of now as part-time had of police. So now, we just need future officers for our police force, and wait until the nachos notice us and show everybody how terrible the nachos’ police force is and how easy it was the form the rebellion!

  3. Ideaman on

    The question, is this the time for violence? With Moses and Jesus and Gandhi and MLK it was time for nonviolent protest, and with the Nazis, vilolence was neccessary.
    Andrew575: I think that all depends on what the enemy wants, protesting in Berlin in 1943 would only get protesters shot, Gandhi was peaceful and didn’t fight, even when the British fought him somewhat, and he won. It depends on what kind of counteraction the nachos will take.If they fight, we will fight, even when I don’t want to. If they decide to not fight, then that’s great!

  4. Ideaman on

    Ok, I think that right now we should stick with nonviolent protest. The Nachos have given us the command to leave, we can protest that simply by refusing to do so. (Although they may not notice that we aren’t there because they are such poor patrolmen.) Also, I think that Sleet is rightfully ours because the Nachos forfeited their right to own just one server because they do a poor job of patrolling their servers.
    Andrew575: I think that’s a good idea. Even though the nachos are terribly un-organized, they are still bigger than us. So we wouldn’t be able to defeat them number-wise, (tactics is another story). We just have to refuse to leave, and liberate Sleet. The nachos won’t be able to do anything about it, as long as we just protest nonviolently, and only fight if we absolutely have to, but I don’t think we will have to fight.

  5. Ideaman on

    I meant they may not notice that we are there because we’re going to be there. Also I can’t see why the Nachos can’t give up Sleet because they didn’t even miss it.

  6. Ideaman on

    The Nachos will have to fight to regain their right to Sleet, and they can’t fight nonviolent resistance. I think that would be another thing to our advantage.

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