Sleet Empire News-SEN-3-22-08

Yes, I have decided to start making a newspaper to keep you all updated. It will come every day-the SEN It will just have a short summary of what’s going on every day, to keep every citizen of Sleet and everyone else updated. It not have club penguin parties and stuff, I will give a link for that so you all know! It will have ideas for gaining our independence, and here are the main catgories:

Club Penguin News:
(This is stuff like where the free items are, clothing catalog screts, and everything like that!)
The answer to everything is here

Sleet News:
(This is what is going on with our fight for freedom against the nachos, and anything else that happens in Sleet!)
We are establishing a police force, to help control crime and help fight the nachos for our freedom and independence! If you are interested in being an officer, then just say so! Leave a comment with your club penguin name and that you want to be an officer! The same is done if you want to appy for being a citizen.

Foreign News:
(This is what is happening with other armies, outside of Sleet, and their big changes and other stuff)
I have asked ACP for their support to liberate Sleet from the nachos, but they have not responded yet. I hope they will soon. I know this usually takes a loooooooooong time but let’s hope they reply soon!

And that’s the very first edition of SEN!
Andrew575, the rebel emperor of Sleet!
Happy Easter everybody!

(If you are another army who wants to have an advertisement in this newspaper, then just leave a comment here saying so!)

1. The Sleet Police Force needs officers! If you want to join as an officer to help liberate us and control crime, then just leave a comment saying so, with your penguin name.

2. If you want to be a citizen in Sleet, then just say so! All you have to leave is your penguin name, and say you want to be a citizen! You will get to attend parties that no one else will be able to attend, and more that I can’t reveal yet!


12 comments so far

  1. kingrlin on

    You Will Be Under War With NMS If You Do Not Leave The Server Sleet.We are the NMS.Aka Nacho MilitiaSociety.We do not wish to do this but you have a week.If you do not leave seet then you will be FORCEd to battle with the NMS.Do not think that we are going to surrender.We will battle you at all coss and take sleet for ourselves and allies.

    Andrew575: Don’t think we will surrender in a week, or at all! And I doubt you will surrender to us, I will keep fighting until you all stop, whether you surrender, or not!

  2. kingrlin on

    Dude,you should.Your So Called “EMPIRE” Has About 5% people in it.Nachos have about 25% or maybe even 40% of troops.You best not be in sleet.Go play your little empire in another server.
    Andrew575: I realize we are small, there’s no point in telling me that. If the nachos think they have 40% of every person on club penguin i their army, they seriously need to rethink that!

  3. kingrlin on

    Dude,do you even go on MAmmoth?If you do,you would see how many people enjoy Nachos and Like them.You on the other hand,think that you can just push them outta the server sleet?We won that server fair and square.If you want it,TOUGH.You need to batttle us and schedule a battle with Ambassador Shadow2446 or Zippy500.If you don’t,the server is not yours and you have partially 5% people which is totally correct.And if you think that I meant EVERY PERSON IN CLUBPENGUIN,think again.I only meant the people who are hard and heavy working Nachos.
    Andrew575: I don’t have to schedule any battle, as long as there are no nacho troops on Sleet (And I have never seen one on Sleet). If there are no nachos on Sleet, that means that the nachos are not controlling sleet. I actually went on White House once, and saw no nachos at all. The nachos are not organized enough to even try to control 49 servers. And how did you win it? Just have one guy go in and claim the entire server?

  4. Ideaman on

    Kingrlin, I know you are larger than us, but the USSR was way larger than Afghanistan and USSR still lost. Also same with us in Vietnam.
    Andrew575: And also same with the American Revolution. And when the real-world Roman Empire was invaded by barbarian tribes and completely defeated. History is my favorite subject if you can’t tell lol

  5. Ideaman on

    We’re not going to declare war yet. Just protest the Nachos. I say we picket them!
    Andrew575: I know, with the forces we have now, the nachos would probably defeat us. 😦 Lol, we should picket them! Except the nachos are lazy, so we can’t do anything where work is being done lol

  6. Ideaman on

    Yeah true. But I don’t think we have that long a way to go. You forget I’ve been in ACP and I’ve fought the Nachos myself. In practically every battle we were outnumbered, but we still won. We need to have a census to see just how badly outnumbered we are, if the odds are similar to that of battles the ACP has fought, we have a chance. Also, there is a chance that DOC might start an uprising in Canada. (The Nachos were greedy enough to claim servers there too.)
    Andrew575: Yeah, skill and determination are some of the biggest qualities anyone can have. And if DOC is a problem for the nacho army in Canada-then here’s why that will be incredibly good. The nachos will have to practically split their huge, massive army in half. If we can get ACP support on our side, we will outnumber the nachos, and then defeat them. Now, a lot relies on DOC rebelling in Canada. The nachos are really greedy, no wonder they falsely claim to control 49 servers.

  7. Ideaman on

    Well there was a battle that was a tie. Also I know an ACP soldier in real life (he recruited me lol) who says he was often outnumbered, but the battles he was in were not losses for the ACP.
    Andrew575: Number are an advantage, but so is skill and determination. Also don’t forget the reliability of troops to show up…

  8. Ideaman on

    I’ll look for armies that have territorial disputes with the Nachos. We may have more allies than ACP, DOC, and RPF, we’ll have to see for once.
    Andrew575: Thanks! We just need those armies to accept and help fight the nachos!

  9. Ideaman on

    Actually, I have a list of armies I just haven’t checked what territory they claim. I’ll get back to you on that.

  10. Nacho Empire Ambassador Shadow2446 on

    You guys are all funny people to think some of this stuff….
    Andrew575: In a good way? lol

  11. Nacho Empire Ambassador Shadow2446 on

    We can give you a land grant if you leave a comment on the nacho wordpress
    Andrew575: Thanks for the offer, BUT, the plan we want is to force the nachos to leave Sleet and liberate it. I don’t think a land grant is much of a rebellion though.

  12. kingrlin on

    Lol.You moroan.You shouldn’t be rebelling nachos at a time like this.
    Andrew575: We can rebel if and when we want to, there have been other rebellions against the nacho empire.

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