Invasion Day-Operation Fall Of Rome-4-19-08, April 19, 2008

Whether I am there or not (I will be though, but just incase) don’t stop! Carry on without me if I am not able to make it.

Read Operation Fall Of Rome if you haven’t already

The title says it. The official start for the invasion, Operation Fall Of Rome, is 4-19-08, April 19, 2008. I know it is almost a month away, that is so we have the time necessary to prepare ourselves for this invasion. We NEED allies for this invasion! If your army wants to help in this great quest, please comment here! We need other armies to invade the nacho empire because we can’t do this alone! And here is where the other army leaders come in. We need you to, on this date (4-19-08), plan ahead which servers your army will be invading and taking control of. I think our police force, although small, will be able to liberate Sleet because the nacho army will be busy with all the other armies invading! And, if you need backup, or you have more troops then necessary, here is our planning room. I can make you a mod on this-BUT there is one rule. If you see any nacho, ban them forever on that chat! If they know our plan, they can be ready for it! Any nacho on the Sleet Empire chat should be banned forever so they don’t discover our plans. Chat is here

Andrew575, the rebel emperor of Sleet!


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  1. ACP Embassador 1 on

    Don’t give up Sleet! There is always hope. I just saw some posts that Oagal made long before I joined ACP, and he mentioned times when we were pretty much hopeless against UMA. But in the end, they were defeated, and we ended up becoming a major CP power. The same could happen for you. I should also tell fellow ACP soldiers this-we are starting to feel hopeless without Oagal.
    Andrew575: I understand that, feeling helpless without a great leader who recently retired. Oagal was pretty much the best army leader in CP, and will never be forgotten. But all you have to do is trust Fort57. And who knows? Maybe he will be just as great a leader as Oagal!

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