EVERYONE MUST VOTE!!!!!!!! Nachos Land Grant Offer
Club Penguin News:
A new clothing catalog came out today with some cool neckties and old backgrounds, at

Sleet News:
Run for parliament! (Form written by Ideaman)
Yeah, if you want to run for a position in parliament, then just fill out this form and start your campaign!
Name: (Your club penguin name)
Qualifications: (Why you should be in parliament)
Background: (basically, armies you’ve been in, how long you’ve been a citizen, how you found out about Sleet, other things you’re willing to share about your history)
Goals:(What will you do once in parliament?)
What kind of laws you would like to see:
Loyalty on a scale of 1 to 10 for Sleet: (Rate yourself!)
Fill out this form, and get your name in the poll! There will be a poll and it will ask whether you should be allowed into parliament. If, after 1 week, you have the majority of votes favoring you to be in parliament, then you are in!

Foreign News:
Kind of foreign news, kind of not. We need more people to know about us, and more people to become citizens! We have been growing at a good rate so far, but we need more in order for us to gain our independence! So everyone who wants to help out a LOT, just go to all your favorite sites, with a large number of hits, and say something like any of the following:
Feel free to copy and paste these and leave them as a comment on other sites!
1. Join Sleet as a citizen! We are a rebellion against the nachos, and need your help! Join as a citizen, mercenary, or a police officer today at Sleet is a server in U.S.A. south and we need your help rebelling against the nacho empire!
2. I want YOU as a citizen, mercenary, or police officer of Sleet! Sleet is a server in U.S.A. south, and we are rebelling against the nachos and we need your help! Join today at
3. Go to if you like amazing rebellions against a great and powerful empire, where we have to fight for our survival and win our independence! Join the Sleet Empire as a citizen, police force, or a mercenary today! Sleet is a server n U.S.A. south, and we need your help rebelling against the nachos!
So yeah, please go to the wordpress sites about club penguin that have a lot of hits, and leave these advertisements! Remember, we can’t do this without you!

Andrew575, the rebel emperor of Sleet!


3 comments so far

  1. Ideaman on

    Here’s some evidence to support my theory that the Nachos want us to help defend Sleet for them:
    Andrew575: You’re right! They want to be smaller, so we can protect their servers, with the reward of being able to do what we already could…

  2. Ideaman on

    You know, I think it would be cool if we eventually outnumbered the Nachos instead of the other way around if we plan on not accepting the Land Grant and declaring war on them. Sadly it’s unlikely. However, it might be possible, because I hear that Yemen would outnumber Russia in 25 years if Russia didn’t let in immigrants.
    Andrew575: Yes, it is unlikely but still possible, because on the nachos site, it says they want a ‘smaller army’ which means they might be limiting their size (FINALLY!!!) and we can possibly outnumber them in a battle if we get enough people to join and ask for a militia of citizens, because the citizens are the biggest “group” (Police Force, mercenaries, Citizens are the biggest)

  3. Ideaman on

    Ok, more news. They say that Nachos are rising again…

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