PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! (Like A Rockstar!!!) 1,000 hits!!

EVERYONE MUST VOTE!!!!!! Nachos land Grant Poll
Well in about 2 weeks, we have grown amazingly fast and reached our first landmark-1,000 hits! So we will have a party! The party info is:

Just remember, EVERYONE, who is a citizen, police officer, or mercenary is invited to this party. This party is for citizens, police officers, and mercenaries only. (Obvious, but leaders can also come)

—–>April 12
—–>3:30 PST (Also Pacific Time)
For those of you too lazy to convert time, that is:
4:30 Mountain Time (U.S.A.)
5:30 Central Time (U.S.A.)
6:30 Eastern Time (U.S.A.)
I realize some of the eastern time people might be eating dinner at that time, but just try to leave early. Or just say you aren’t hungry.
——>Sleet (DUH!!!! No kidding!!!)
——>We will start at the Cove, and from there go wherever we want.

This is about the most unlikely possibility, but it could happen. The nachos (Ok, the N.M.S. The nacho militia society) might attack us. The only reason I had this thought was because of what UMA did to ACP at their New Year’s Party. It is amazingly unlikely, but if you see a nacho while at the party, please alert everyone else. And Police Force and mercenaries, please be a little on your guard.

Andrew575, the REBEL emperor of Sleet!


1 comment so far

  1. Ideaman on

    If we DO get attacked, that means we’ll have to declare war and reject the land grant automatically.
    Andrew575: Yeah, that’s about it

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