Plan to win the possibly upcoming war

Here is a plan:
If ACP decides to declare war against the nachos, then here is a plan to defeat the nachos that anybody can use.
If an army is not strong enough to defeat a nacho unit, here are 2 good uses of their troops.
1. They can distract Nacho troops, while the armies able to defeat nacho units just simply defeat the nacho units.
2. Or, they could combine forces to make a temporary army, so they don’t lose.

No army is too small to make a difference. Its the ones who try that succeed.

And, if any of you know about history like I do, if the American Revolution proves ANYTHING, it is that strategy always beats numbers. 10,000 mediocre troops vs. 50,000 troops who were well trained and equipped. The side of 10,000 wins simply because of a better strategy. If a strategy can defeat people 5 times as big as us, there is no way we can lose!

Andrew575, the rebel emperor of Sleet!


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  1. Ideaman on

    Here is a strategy the ACP had when they fought WW in November 2007: Not being anti-WW cuz Watex is a cool guy but I am just making this strategy a different option. Of course, the problem is that there might not be enough of us. Anyway, there might be enough options. I might look in the Bible, the Koran (I don’t have one but I can find an online version on Google), and a Civil War book I have for more war strategies.
    Andrew575: Maybe another good place to look is in stuff from around the American Revolution, because we will be outnumbered, like the colonists. I have some history books on Revolution, so I can look there. Maybe there is more then the Hit and Run Strategy.

  2. Tidle Fin on

    As a future Parliament member, I declare we join forces with FGR. An army getting ganged up on by the nachos and uma because they own Tundra and nachos can’t seem to share Canada. Why we should help them? We are currently against nachos, and FGR DO own Tundra because I allow them to (I’m a head general in RPF) . Think about it.
    Andrew575: They look like a big army, but are they against the nachos? If they are, then no question we are totally joining forces with them. Or at least becoing allies or something like that. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Ideaman on

    You’d think FGR and Nachos are enemies. Both of them want Canada.
    Andrew575: They’re allies?

  4. Ideaman on

    I don’t know. I’m just worried they might because they haven’t fought each other yet.
    Andrew575: Do you mean ACP & Nachos? Because they fought in WWIV. Or if you mean FGR & Nachos, then I don’t think they have.

  5. Ideaman on

    ACP & Nachos have fought in lots of wars. But FGR & Nachos I don’t know if they have.
    Andrew575:I’m not sure.

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