Guitar Hero……4?

Released for Nintendo DS on 6/22/08… Not that far away!!
Sleet Court Poll
Yeah, I didn’t know they were making GH4 for PS3. Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock is good, but by the looks of what is going to be on GH4, Guitar Hero 4 On Tour will be way better. Yeah, they might finally have Smoke on the water and green day on it.
They actually made a wordpress site, that’s how I found out about it.
Yes, Guitar Hero is my favorite game…
Wait… There’s more on the site!

I don’t have a PS3 but all my friends do. But I have a Nintendo DS, so I can play GH4!!!! YES!!!!
Here is how you will play it in DS, obviously you won’t have an actual guitar like you would for PS3.

 Tidle Fin: ME TOO!!! I’m so gonna get it on nds, since there’s I possibility I’ll never have anything other than ps2, n64, nintendo, and ds. I don’t even play the nintendo, it barely works 🙄 . You know what sucks? Me and one of my two sisters tried playing GH2 on my dad’s awesome HD TV but GH sucks on those. Which sucks, since the sound system pwns. Whoah long edit, I’ll be going now 😛 .


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  1. guitarhero4 on

    Not to disapoint but the wordpress blog is just a fan-made up-to-the-minute informative blog not associated with Activision and so forth.

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