Party Plan!

Attention everybody! I have created the time and place of our hits party! It will be at

Server: Sleet

Time and Date: 5:30 PST April 15th

Occasion: Celebration of hits!

Activities: We will have a party in the dojo, and move around cp! We will also have a fun hockey game afterwards!

Andrew, you are free to add anything.
Andrew575: Yeah, that sounds like a good plan but meet first in the dojo.



3 comments so far

  1. gtracer on

    I cant come im only allowed on saturdays…(parents rule…..)
    Andrew575: That seems kind of mean, only let your kid on the comp on saturdays. Then how to you make all the comments on this site?

  2. Id on

    Maybe he sneaks on? A friend I have in real life (not saying his name for privacy reasons) does that at midnight when his parents are asleep. He says he meets lots of other people on CP who do the same. Idk cuz I’ve never done that lol.
    Andrew575: If my parents actually cared enough to limit my computer time, then I would probably have to do that too lol.

  3. Ideaman on

    Sorry that comment was me.

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