Sorry everybody…

Yes, it is actually 5:31 PST. I am trying to get my computer to load onto club penguin, but it won’t load…at all. Yes, this sucks! I’m sorry guys, don’t think I forgot about you, or just skipped the party because I would never do that, I will try more to get onto the party. 😦

Tidle Fin: THANK GOD! The same thing happened to me to, I click Play Now and all it shows is a white screen… maybe this is happening to other people too? I would also like to declare peace with nachos seeing as they obviously won’t declare war on us. But Andrew, Ideaman, and Gtracer have to approve of it to. Just notify me if you do so 🙂 .


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  1. Ideaman on

    I think we need to know more before we decide if we want war. Why are the Nachos giving us this Land Grant? This would kind of make us part of the Nacho Empire, I made a comment somewhere about the conditions I wanted if that happened.

    Oh, and I didn’t get a white screen…but I can’t see what got improved on CP.
    Andrew575: I don’t know, maybe it was a glitch in my computer? Because I could load to the front page perfectly fine, but it wouldn’t let me play. I hope you guys had a good time though. Yeah, I will go find that comment, and post it on the nachos site. But I might add a few things, like we are allowed to have our own police force, and make our own laws.

  2. Gtracer on

    same happened to me couldnt get on
    Andrew575: Ok, because cp just launched a new site design, there are definitely some glitches. And so we are re-scheduling the party.

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