Another Poll…..GONE!!!!!! *Sniff* *Cry*

Lol, kind of a dramatic title there, but here are the results of the Declaration of Independence Poll

Yeah, sometime this weekend, or maybe even today, Independence will be declared from the Nachos.
We don’t want to fight, but if the nachos demand war, we will fight, but again, only if we have to.

And also, for the Nachos, a LOT, seriously, a LOT, like 7 armies (Not an exaggeration) have offered to help us in our fight. Plus there’s us, and we are very determined for independence. So if you decide you want war, I am just letting you know, the numbers may be about equal, and it will NOT be an easy fight. So choose carefully.



10 comments so far

  1. Ideaman on

    Okay, if we do declare war, it will have to be the same time as wool socks, Ling Roosevelt’s friend and the Navy, and anyone else who plans to take over Nacho servers.
    Andrew575: Yeah, but we shouldn’t be declaring war. Declaring independence isn’t exactly declaring war, although sometimes it can be mistaken for that. Maybe we should all do something at once, maybe at different times. We’ll decide on that later.

  2. terryking24 on

    nachos dont really want war.we can share sleet
    Andrew575: Me and Shadow2446 are working it out on chat this saturday.

  3. Nacho Ambassador Shadow2446 on

    Well… Dont declare independence yet. Im sure we can both benefit from this. There is no chance that 7 big army allies that arent allies with us would declare war on us and win. I suggest you come to me on chat this saturday, 4:00 est time. I will be on during our invasion on North Pole. We can talk about it then.

    I dont march to the beat of the drums, I hear maracas! -Shadow2446
    Andrew575: Ok, we won’t declare independence yet. When you said “4:00 est” does that mean Eastern Time, or is it a typo meaning PST? Please tell me because a 3 hour wait might make a difference… And yes, I am sure if we negotiate, we can work this out…somehow! I realize it may not seem like it could happen, but believe me, chances are, it would at least be a very challenging battle if you won in a battle like that.

  4. Ling Roosevelt on

    Nacho Ambassador Shadow2446: “There is no chance that 7 big army allies that arent allies with us would declare war on us and win.”
    I disagree. An unknown army called the “Empire” came and pwned an ACP-Nachos alliance. Nachos chickened out first, but in the end ACP lost too. It was a humiliation for both armies, and that’s why it didn’t show up on your blogs, although ACP has admitted there is a crisis and declared martial law. I know this from an ex-ACP soldier who left to join the Empire. Also, Nachos would often outnumber ACP in a lot of battles but ACP either won or a tie was declared.
    Andrew575: I kind of agree too, 7 armies could probably either defeat or give the nachos a big challenge, even if they are smaller. But not to insult the nachos, I am going to negotiate with Shadow tomorrow.

  5. Ling Roosevelt on

    By the way, he left the Empire already and yet the ACP is still dealing with the Empire.

  6. Ling Roosevelt on

    So, I don’t really think you or the ACP are as strong as you say. Both ACP and Nachos are arrogant Empires who think they rule Club Penguin.
    Andrew575: If what you say is true, then the nachos seem more arrogant because they claim 49 servers, whereas ACP claims one server. (Technically two, but they have a back-up server as their 2nd.)

  7. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Embassador on

    I don’t know Shadow, ACP has beat Nachos even when they have been outnumbered (no offense). As it is now, ACP soldiers are allowed to help out whichever side they like, but ACP is not going to take sides if war does break out. Also, there was a time ACP’s history when we were so tiny and yet we managed to beat UMA (this was way back before I even joined). We were kind of a rebellion then, but we eventually got into the Big Three. (Now Big Two, UMA is declining.)
    Andrew575: Again, “Strategy beats numbers” is proved. And I don’t know what is happening to UMA, even though they have a site. I think it is because most members don’t know about the UMA site because oddly enough, what everyone was waiting to happen, actually destroyed half of UMA. The return of Pink Mafias led to WWIV, then for the most part, the destruction of UMA.

  8. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    Ling, I heard about that ambush by the Empire. It was at the ANTA meeting. We may have lost that battle, but so what? We haven’t lost Mammoth. Also, we claim more than just Mammoth. We claim Blizzard and a lot of other servers on the First US page.
    Andrew575: I didn’t know ACP had more than Blizzard, Mammoth, and Breeze.

  9. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    Yeah, we got a few, but not as many as Nachos.

  10. General Jedimaster17 on

    Sir what is your E-mail. I think I need to tell you something confidential.
    Andrew575: My email is I have about 450 emails(Most from comments on this site) in my inbox, so thanks to gmail for always putting new messages at the top.

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