Yeah, it really did come up unexpectedly, exactly the opposite of Oagal, but Commando717 has retired. Now it is a time, for the NEW leaders of club penguin to rise, and become legends like Commando717, Pink Mafias, and Oagalthorp. This means we must do our best to become more known and stronger in this “New world”! It seems like most of the great leaders retire when they are 14. Except Watex, I really hope he stays. Paintboy100, and all the leaders mentioned before, were all 14. (I don’t know about Pink Mafias or Oagalthorp, but I am sure about Commando717 and Paintboy100 and also Watex)

Don’t talk about my retirement just because I am a year away from being “that age”. It will be a long time before I retire, only because I just started this site, and haven’t gotten to do much. So you can be sure I will stick around for a long time, and hopefully become even somewhat as great as Commando717, Oagalthorp, Paintboy100, and Pink Mafias were. And Watex is.

Good Bye Commando717, even though I never really knew you, I was sure you were a great leader because everything I heard about you and everything that was done-you proves WWIV to be pointless, that shows how even an army should have times of peace. You made the biggest “Kid-Realization” ever. Peace is better than war.
*Salutes again*
P.S. Your “Commanda717’s adventures were some of the funniest club penguin movies I have ever seen.


2 comments so far

  1. Ideaman on

    Um…I don’t think Watex leads the Watex warriors anymore…

  2. Ideaman on

    But I like to go on his blog for cheats though…
    Andrew575: Yes, because Paintboy100 left he is the “club penguin cheats legend”

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