No war yet, and “Negotiations”

Yes, as a reminder to myself, me and Shadow2446 are going to be negotiating about what will happen to Sleet, at either 4:00 Eastern Time (Which is 3:00 Central) or PST, which would be 6:00 Central. (I live in Central Time Zone). I am working on some terms for it. Also Shadow, lets private chat, not go where all other nacho people would be.

And we are not doing anything about independence, until after our negotiations. Even though I have our draft, ready to post at any second, I won’t. (It is kind of funny, the American Declaration Of Independence, with “Great Britain/England” replaced with “Nachos” and “Colonies” replaced with “Sleet”)

New Rule:
It has to do more with the site than an actual Sleet law, I’m not a dictator, as we have other elected leaders.
If you want to join the Police Force or something, I am adding you to the citizen list as well, because there are a lot of things to join on this site, just to make it easier for me and the admins. You will also be added to the Police Force though.

Another Idea…
Should we do what ACP has done and make trading cards ourselves? It is somewhat copying their idea, but having a copyright on trading cards would be a legal mess, as you would have to sue all other Baseball Card companies, and stuff like that, plus us. And ACP wasn’t the first one to come up with the idea of trading cards. (Altough they might have been on club penguin)
Comment if you think this is a good idea and would make one.

P.S. Should we have a flag? I can make on and you guys can vote on it.


6 comments so far

  1. Ideaman on

    I think the whole trading card thing was just for fun, not to have a whole selling thing. I think that trading cards was copied from the baseball card companies. I would like to make one, but I don’t know how I could upload it. Also, I think that a flag is a good idea.
    Andrew575: Yeah, just for show and fun like ACP. And yeah, I will make a flag when my brother gets off the computer with the right application to do it.

  2. Ling Roosevelt on

    Hmm…interesting thinking you got there. I wouldn’t think that Sleet is a colony because it’s connected to the other servers map-wise.
    Andrew575: Yes, I realize it is more like Iowa rebelling from the U.S. Government, right in the middle of everything, but I did the Declaration of Independece thing as a total joke.

  3. Ideaman on

    Well I would think of it like Washington or California or Maine rebelling because we are at the border of their US servers.
    Andrew575: Yeah, that makes more sense than Iowa. California would be terrible to U.S. if they rebelled, all those people and the beaches and stuff.

  4. Ideaman on

    I was surprised to find that neither ACP nor Nachos claimed the second page.
    Andrew575: Of U.S.? Or did club penguin add more servers to england or canada or something?

  5. Ideaman on

    I mean the US. UMA has some of those servers though. (Not all of them, and UMA seems to have dwindled down to an army that is just beginning.)
    Andrew575: I thought UMA was one of the biggest, also, Ideaman, me and Shadow2446 really need a good idea right now on Nacho Chat, please come

  6. Ideaman on

    “Was” is the key word there.

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