Back to the Negotiations Board!!!

Cool Zone Parliament Poll
Jedimaster17 Parliament Poll
Because I apparently never set the date for the ending of these votes, both will end tomorrow. It looks like both candidates will make it into Parliament.
Ok, maybe it should be “Drawing Board”, but whatever. I agree, what Shadow2446 and I came up with wasn’t a very good agreement. The one thing that we are all really unhappy about is us not being able to let other armies into Sleet. I have a solution, maybe we could loosen it to “We can’t let hostile armies into Sleet”. A hostile army would be an army that is totally 100% against the nachos. I’m asking Shadow2446 or Zippy500 or WHOEVER is a high rank in the nachos to loosen this up with us, you could leave a comment on this site or we could go back to a chatbox. (A comment would be easier)

Also, if you haven’t noticed, the New Mission 7, “Clockwork Repairs” is out on club penguin!!!
I didn’t make this vide guide, Watex did, check out his site at

I beat it, you get a Medal and a Blue Team Jersey. You can’t wear it though 😦

Does anyone here skate? Just want to know… Because I do… a LOT.


1 comment so far

  1. Jedimaster17 on

    Sir, I wish to know your e-mail so I can tell you. Anyways Ciao and I skate.Can I become an author?
    ~Loyal Soldier
    Andrew575: As I said before, my email is I’ll add you as a author.Ideaman skates, I do, and now you! Who else?

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