Invasion Called Off

Sorry, we will wait until later to invade. We need to get a little more publicized before we try something like that. Sorry for anyone who was excited about a battle…

On Monday, the key will be hidden to get into Rockhopper’s Quarters! I’ll post the key location on Monday.

I know a lot of you were not very happy with the agreement that me and Nacho Ambassador Shadow2446 agreed to. So I have a plan. Not war, but through ANTA. Here’s my idea-The ANTA superpower leaders can vote on what happens to us, after we present several options. Maybe if we have the superpowers watching what happens after the agreement, the nachos can’t really do anything about it, even if they wanted to. Because ACP and RPF would be forced into war against the nachos if they broke an ANTA agreement, and no offense to the nachos, but ACP & RPF vs. Nachos means munching on some chips…

Wow, I got hurt so bad today, I might not be at school on Monday. I was at a skatepark, and I had never tried grinding before, and I tried it. Let’s just say it was not very successful, seeing as I literally landed on my head. And now my neck is in a terrible condition, I’m lucky I didn’t break anything. Well not straight up, I was at a slope, my head hit the cement (I would’ve died if I wasn’t wearing my helmet) and then my elbow. I’m so sore I can’t really walk straight because my waist got hit hard after that. (Yes, not my best idea, but I kept skating after that, fell again because of my head injury and hit my hip really hard). So I’m not feeling the best today… IF YOU ARE A SKATER, WEAR YOUR HELMET. I’M GOOD AT SKATING, AND I WOULD’VE DIED IF I WASN’T WEARING MY HELMET. Seriously, you don’t have to wear kneepads or arm-pads, I don’t, but you really should wear a helmet.



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  1. Ideaman on

    Ooh, that has to hurt. I always wear my helmet, but that doesn’t protect me from everything. One time I was skateboarding and I hurt my foot so bad that I had to use a cane. It was also hard because I went to a party afterwards and people asked why I had the cane. One of the stranger experiences of my life.
    Andrew575: Yeah, I have to turn my entire body to see in a different direction, kind of. School today won’t be the greatest experience ever, especially my favorite class. Gym 5th hour won’t be as awesome as normal…

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