Rockhopper’s Key Hidden Tomorrow!

I’ll post the key location tomorrow, and some pictures of Rockhopper’s quarters!

Just wondering, does anyone here have another wordpress site? If you do I will let you be an admin on this site. Just leave the link and tell me you want to be an admin.

Now, we really should fix a problem. As we all know, the agreement Shadow2446 and I agreed to wasn’t the greatest deal, so we will attend the next ANTA meeting and let the other superpower leaders vote on what should happen to us. After we present some solutions, which could be:
1. Sleet is entirely freed from all Nacho Control
2. Sleet is taken away from us, and we must fight for our independence (*I don’t like that on either)
3. It stays as it is
If you have another idea, please leave it in a comment



5 comments so far

  1. Gtracer on

    i have a wordpress!!

  2. nickpop123 on
  3. Ideaman on

    Maybe we could come up with a temporary deal. That way if it works out we could make it permanent, and if it doesn’t we could make a new one or go to war. (I don’t want to go to war, but if we have to, we will not back down…right?) Also I think that we should bring this to the CPUN so that we can have a vote instead of letting a bunch of superpowers decide our fate.
    Andrew575: Yeah, no one wants war, but we’ll fight if we have to, and won’t back down!! Its either ANTA or CPUN who will decide our fate, unless we decide we want neither. But are the nachos part of CPUN?

  4. Ideaman on

    They aren’t. I want us to join so that Sleet can get a chance to vote on the situation, instead of letting the nations that are already powerful decide. On the other hand, we may bring more people into the situation. Reason being, there are other nations in the CPUN that aren’t really involved in our situation, although there are armies in there that don’t like Nachos.
    Andrew575: You’re right. We’ll join, and we should make our own decisions, not let the superpowers decide.

  5. sophie tag on

    this is rubbis i cant find the flaming key can any one else find t cose i want it sooo bad
    Andrew575: The key is out! Here is the link

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