I know some of you have parents who say “You can’t email strangers” even thought I’m not really a stranger to you because I post a little about my day in all of my posts, and we have those “comment-conversations” and I’m not a stalker, but if your parents don’t want you emailing “strangers”, that’s okay, you can leave you story/essay in a comment, or, if you are an admin, you can put it in a post!

Also, your story now officially doesn’t have to be a story, it can be an essay, a report, or something! But the same rules still apply. And I will “grade” it on how well-put-together it is, not on how exciting and a good story it is. Also not really, but kind of how correct the information is.

Remember, the reward for winning the contest is you get to start off the Sleet spy unit! And be leader, without an Andrew telling you what to do in it. I might tell you some things you can’t do, but that’s about it, like spy on allies.

Ideaman suggested we should have medics. This is a good idea. I will make a page about it, and whoever wants to be a medic, you can join! This way people might come here for free medical care, because we can provide it.



4 comments so far

  1. gtracer on

    LOL did u get meh email?
    Andrew575: Yes, I did. It was the one about Jelly the puffle.

  2. jedimaster17 on

    It is on the Samurai the great warriors of Japan. I will post it in the evening.
    Andrew575: Sounds like an exciting topic!

  3. Ideaman on

    Maybe we could use chat when we need to talk over stuff privately.
    Andrew575: Yeah. Post a time on the site and ban any enemies if they decide to come.

  4. gtracer on

    Did u like jelly? he won the big hockey tournament lol
    Andrew575: Yeah, that was a good story. lol they should let you put clothes on your puffle.

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