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Just a cooler way to download a Microsoft Word Document, its basically a progress report in a cooler format.
Andrew575, READ POSTS BELOW!!!


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  1. […]Ok there are a couple of topics that We will be discussing during this weeks A.N.T.A Meeting. One thing for sure is about Servers, and another thing is going to be about Elites.[…]
    Do you think they are referring to us?

    Andrew575: Well, I sure hope not…

  2. Ideaman on

    I don’t think they will let us have a say in ANTA, let’s let the CPUN decide they will let us have a say on one condition: we join. Also, check out this Fort quote:
    Fort57, on April 30th, 2008 Said:

    There’s a reason why smaller armies don’t have “land” and aren’t able to “particiapre”. If the armies in A.N.T.A don’t feel like an army can hold on to any land, then why should we let them have land if we feel they can lose it, plus their’s only enough land for the bigger armies the way the system works.
    Jedi: I agree with you.IDK about Andrew but there is one problem. CPUN isn’t that well known or recognized.

  3. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    Yes that is the problem. Considering that only smaller armies are in the CPUN, they might not listen to us. I don’t want an all-out war between CPUN because I’m in an army in the CPUN (Navy) and in armies in ANTA (ACP, PRA, RPF), but that may be what it comes down to.
    Also what Fort said there really disappointed me. If every Nacho were on at once, they could only place 3 penguins per server, and Sleet can place 9, and that’s only counting our police force. (Counting the king and his assistant.)
    Andrew575: That’s a good way of saying “The Nachos are too much bread for so little butter” what you said before. Maybe Fort will have a change of mind when he hears that. I’ll leave a comment on the ACP site.

  4. Ideaman on

    I know CPUN isn’t very well known or recognized but somehow I feel that some help is better than no help at all.
    Andrew575: Yeah, every person fighting counts! I left a comment asking to join. Do you want to be the General Assembly Representative? Because Im the security council representative.

  5. Ideaman on


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