April 30, 2008 Wednesday, 7:40:55 PM Central Time

If that wasn’t a specific enough title for you, you have a problem!
Yeah, I’m a little crazy because I just got back from the CRAZIEST party I’ve ever been to! It was so fun it was at my high school friend’s house (I’m in 7th grade) and we nearly started a fire. Yeah, it got pretty crazy. So I’ll try to calm down now…

Ok, so we joined the CPUN, view their site at http://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com.

The contest is going amazingly well! We already have 2 entries, from Jedimaster17 and Gtracer. Is there anyone else that is going to enter? Because I’ll start naming winners if no one else will enter.

I will probably be attending the ANTA meeting, whether I’m invited or not. Yeah, they might just ban me from the chat. But this is a big issue, it isn’t on ACP chat so I really don’t care that much.

Let’s start a section to talk about real life stuff. I can have a new topic every week. Its just for fun I guess, maybe you could call it getting to know each other a little better. So this topic is…….ummmm let me think………… SPORTS!!!! What sports does everyone play? I play soccer and hockey, and although its not for a team, I also skateboard. Also tennis, but not as much as Snowy270.


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  1. Ideaman on

    A fire? What a coincidence. At my city there was a trench collapse, and firemen had to be sent to rescue people in the trench. Even more amazing was the fact that police were sent to close off particular streets.
    Andrew575: Yeah, there was this one guy who was trying to cook…… uhhh….. well I’m not exactly sure what he was cooking but he’s not the smartest either and it wasn’t an electric oven, and oddly enough, he tried to use a paper napkin to get the hot, 450 degree pan out. Of course he dropped it, somehow the napkin started on fire, the pot and its contents on the floor, and then he dropped the napkin. So someone else who was drinking soda just poured it over the napkin and that was the end of our small fire. I don’t know if that’s really what happened because I was watching Family Guy with others at the time and heard yelling and swearing loud so I ignored it…..
    A trench collapse? Is your town a mining town or something?

  2. Ideaman on

    Oh, and did you leave a comment at the CPUN saying you wanted to join? Because you have to leave a comment telling them you want to join.
    Andrew575: I left a comment and filled out the form they just haven’t moderated any comments yet.

  3. gtracer on

    Ahaha i fire? that’d be awesome I d run hroguh the house with it! lol jk but the sports i play? okay three..two..one!

    Paintball,Airsoft,Basketball,Football,Lacrosse,tennis,ping pong,swimming,Dodgeball(yea we consider it a sport in my part of my state…) and ummm…somewhat of soccer and when our laked freezes I play three dollar hockey which is a lacrosse stick and a tennis ball and some branches…But our lake usually doesnt freeze because winters arent too hard down here…and I like riding moorized vehicles such as dirtbikes 0.o
    Andrew575: It was funny, but he has a nice house and I wouldn’t want it to burn down…
    I don’t have a cabin but my cousin does, but I dunno if the lake there freezes over, I’ve never been there in the winter. Paintball is fun! Even though I don’t play it that much.

  4. Ideaman on

    No, I don’t live in a mining town. I think the trench was at a gas station. Or maybe at the refinery? Because there is one very close to our town.
    Andrew575: Oh. I was just confused on the purpose of a trench, but I thought trenches ahd no top, they were open-top?

  5. Ideaman on

    As for sports not very many…just biking, skateboarding, swimming, and aikido (that’s a martial art). I’ve never been on a basketball team but I do have a basketball hoop that I use (although not recently).
    Andrew575: I think I took Akido when I was 7 or 8, but I quit because I never had the time and now I’m 13, but probably have the time now… weird.

  6. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    You have a friend in high school? My cousin lives in Minnesota and is in high school right now…although it would be kind of unlikely that you know my cousin…
    Andrew575: I live kind of far away, but have you heard of Como High school? I know mostly freshmen like 5 sophomores, 3 juniors, and like 1 senior.

  7. jedimaster17 on

    All my cousins live in India. I am Indian.I do Karate,sort of Iaido, biking , and swimming. Guys gess what I just go recommended for AdvanacedChemistry, and I am in DOuble Acclerated Math already and Extended Studies! Yay!
    Andrew575: Uhhh I’m white… and I do know a lot of people who are Indian. I probably would never get reccomended for a challenge class, I’m not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to 7x + 15 + 13x. (Even though, in my math homework today, its 20x + 15, I did it with my friend who is smarter than me in math)

  8. sab/iamtucansam on

    omg that wierd i like just had the 7x prob in matyh today yea i made an 86 even though the girl behind me who “helped” me with my answers made a 105 she is mean because she lied … i made an 86 lol jk shes reallly nice uhm comparison… is that the right word? “brightest crayon in the box” lol sports hmmm what do i do, volleyball, show jumping (look it up if youppl dont know) bskt ball, softball (kinda) oh yea and tennis (only cause my mom makes me) wow long commment sorry oh well hope you had fun watching Family guy and playing w/ fire
    Andrew575: Yeah, I think that the 7th grade math classes have the same curriculum. I’ve never heard of show jumping, I’ll look it up. Tennis is fun, I don’t know why your mom would make you. It was fun but we got in SO much trouble for the fire thing, that was the only bad part.

  9. Ideaman on

    Andrew575, I don’t know if the trench was open-top. The police blocked the area off and I wasn’t able to see it. 😦
    Extended studies? Hmm…I don’t think we have that in California. I’m taking regular classes* but I get on honor roll.
    *I started a new school with a harder curriculum than my old school, so I don’t know what it would be like if I were there.

  10. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    Your cousins live in India? My white cousins (my dad is the white one) live in Minnesota. My Asian cousins mostly live in the Philippines, although I have 2nd cousins in Colorado and 3rd Cousins in British Columbia Canada, a first cousin in Georgia (she is married and already a grandma!), and a first cousin in San Jose, California. I guess that’s what happens when your mom’s parents have 11 kids.

  11. gtracer on

    Hey my math ws like 16x x 15=(26 x 18x) x 14
    Andrew575: Sounds more complex than what I was doing.

  12. gtracer on

    PS all my relatives live in russia and Ive never been there but my older sister who lives in texas now has been to india

    I live in Indiana…India-Indiana…Ppl often get confuzzeled by that

  13. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    Oh, and my cousin is a freshman.
    Andrew575: Do you know what high school he/she goes to?

  14. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    I forget which one he said he went to…
    Andrew575: Does he live in St. Paul? If he lives here, and goes to the high school where a lot of my friends are, it would be ironic if I actually knew him.

  15. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador on

    No, he doesn’t live in the Twin Cities.
    Andrew575: Then I probably wouldn’t know him.

  16. sab/iamtucansam on

    well see i dont really like tennis because apperently i have no hand ball cordination( ive done tennis for like 3 years now) and as i go for my back hand i will see the ball perfectly on my racquet but somehow i miss… so i say my mom makes me as an excuse since i suck lol but i guess its fun… show jumping is :S well i send you a link to look at later
    Andrew575: You should just hit the tennis ball on your garage, I do that a lot and you get a lot of hand ball coordination that way.

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