Read Government Page!

The title says it, read the government page! I updated it so much, so read it! And now if you want to be in the House of Commons, just say so!
I have a cooler signature now!!!


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  1. jedimaster17 on

    Andrew I think there ought to be some requirements to be inthe house of commons. I think it represents a room or somehting like that, or they are aides to the lords. Like the house of representives and the Senate right? Anyways I was thinking each of te lords could be like the minister of Finance, Minister of War, Minister of …….. you know.
    PS I’ll add more about the spying soon.
    Andrew575: Yeah, I didn’t know exactly what to do for the house of commons. Maybe they should be aids to the House of Lords. Yeah, the House of Lords should do more. Thanks for the Ideas.

  2. Ideaman on

    I think that House of Commons should be elected and knight or peasant (unless we’re calling it something more appealing) should be in there, House of Lords is whoever is a Lord.
    Andrew575: Let’s call peasants the citizens, its a fancier term and it might make it more appealing. I’ll try to make it that now, where the house of commons is elected and the house of lords is whoever is a lord + former parliament.

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