National Anthem?

Should we have a national anthem? It could be any style, I could compose something on garageband and let you guys download it in iTunes form (If you don’t have iTunes I can post the link where you can download a free full copy of iTunes for either mac or pc)

Here’s some of my suggestions:
I wanna Be Sedated” By the Ramones
Holiday” By Green Day
Rock You Like a Hurricane” By the Scorpions

Remember-it doesn’t have to be one of those, just suggest something, anything!

Akabob22 will lead the Nachos to their own death. He has now accused Nacho Ambassador Shadow2446 of being a spy for us, which isn’t true. And he accused someone named Seanehawk of being another spy for us. Truth is, I’ve never even heard of Seanehawk.


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  1. jedimaster17 on

    You should do Girlfriend. Lol jk. WAY to many swear words. Do Ice Nine Kills, or Son of THE wORLD.Ok And for Nachos on chat Zippy said Sleet Empire was a noob army and had no power. Also they accused Seanehawk of being a spy for Sleet.
    Andrew575: If that’s what they think of us, I guess that makes it a little easier to join in on the invasion thing another army is planning… And Seanehawk is obviously not a spy for us, I’ve never heard of him. Zippy is wrong on 2 ways: We’re not even an army 1st off, and we do have power. More than the nachos. People hate Akabob, who’s going to lead the nachos to their own death in the summer. And plus, the nachos have an oversized empire they can’t even control, we have one server and can control it very well, we have organized laws and everything. Which the Nachos have none of.

  2. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    He accused Shadow of being a spy also. He’s jumping to conclusions. Although he does have connections to Sleet citizens, he’s not on our payroll. But let Akabob get the wrong idea, it would be bad for him to make more false accusations, but not for us. Or if he simply believes everyone is against him, that would be good too; he’d lose hope.
    As for the songs…the only one I’ve heard is Holiday. I think it’s a nice song, but I’m not sure if it’s really anthem material. This post is Tidal Fin’s, right?
    Andrew575: Wow. Akabob22 will lead the nachos to their own death. I’ll post the YouTube links to those songs so everyone can hear them.

  3. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Oh and I was referring to Seanehawk.

  4. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Andrew575, Seanehawk is the president of the Free Republic of Club Penguin. Jedi and I have visited his site and joined his military, but other than that, there isn’t a link between him and the Sleet Empire.
    Andrew575: Ok, but he hasn’t left any comments on this site and I’ve never heard of him, so Akabob22 really made bad false accusation.

  5. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    In a different post he called Akabob a *** ******.

  6. coolzone on

    I just noticed the site has 5003 hits congrats andrew757!!!!

  7. Ideaman on

    If there were more choices, I’d say “Which anthem we want depends on the kind of image we want.” But I really think Holiday is the best one there. “I Wanna Be Sedated” might send a message of wanting to go to the doctor and get anesthetics for those who haven’t heard it (if they know what sedated means), and I’m not sure what kind of image of us they would get if they have heard it. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” might not be the best for citizens under 10 years old. So I think “Holiday” would be the best.

  8. Ideaman on

    I think we should definitely make an image of a happy nation.

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