Edit: Here is the link to Shdaow’s Poll, ends on May 28

Edit 2:
“A Small Leak Can Sink a Big Ship”
-Benjamin Franklin
That quote describes our situation if we’re ever at war

It all came up so fast, but hey, I guess the decision I didn’t think would make any difference made all the difference in the world. Shadow was on chat. Then we went into a private chat and Shadow proposed a WAY better idea!
He said he was monitoring our progress and said it was good. Then I told him about our new national anthem and the flag I was actually making just before I went on chat. (Its at the bottom). So here’s what he proposed

  • Nachos give the Sleet Empire the entire server of Sleet, meaning all laws, and everything else
  • Shadow2446 gets to become a lord for this without filling out the form but still has to go through the election
  • We are joining the Burrito Legion non-permanently to help the Nachos fight SSACP
    Here’s the information:
    Burrito Legion-

  • Invasions time – 7:00 est time, EVERYDAY until was is over
  • Invade Servers- Cold Front, Snowflake, and Snow Drift
  • Scout for 30 minutes
  • I guess we can meet in the Dojo first. Then we’ll fight and conquer!

    Then, Shadow asked Zippy500 about it and Zippy at first said “I’ll think about it” and then he said “We need to focus on the war with SSACP right now.” and then Shadow told him that we would be helping and he said yes, and Shadow gave me the Key to Sleet (Thanks Shadow) and now we’re independent! Let’s throw a party, but this time, EVERYONE/ANYONE can come, whether they are part of Sleet or not!

    Now, for the Flag and Anthem:

    Yes, it resembles the Confederate Flag in the Civil War. It doesn’t mean that, I just think its a cool design. But, now, this is another one of my “Great Ideas”. It will resemble our past, our struggle for independence, for our posterity to remember us, the Great Forefathers that brought us to where we are today. That’s what will happen in Sleet Empire, when we’re all retired and gone, legends of the past. But lets not think about when we’re all gone just yet, we have to focus on now to get us where we would be for our posterity to have a good life because of all the amazing stuff we all did.

    Don’t forget!
    4:00 PST!
    (4:00 Pacific Time
    5:00 Mountain Time
    6:00 Central Time
    7:00 Eastern Time)
    Meet at the Dojo! On Snowflake First! This is EVERYDAY until the war is over.
    Mercenaries are required to attend. Police, it is recommended that you attend. Citizens, you have the complete choice whether you want to fight or not.



    14 comments so far

    1. Ideaman on

      “Shadow2446 gets to become a lord for this without filling out the form but still has to go through the election”
      Uh…is that complete independence?
      Andrew575: Yes, it is complete independence, but because he first proposed this I’m letting him off a little easy, also because he’s been around for longer then me so people would know him pretty well.

    2. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      I don’t know…do you know who else claims England other than SSACP? The IPA. So are we going to help invade IPA too?
      Andrew575: Sorry, I’m not declaring war on IPA especially because I know the leader in real life.

    3. oagalthorp on

      Good luck with the independence, and good luck with your war against the ACP, at this rate.
      Andrew575: Why would we fight ACP? Or do you mean a practice battle because we’d have no reason to actually go to war with ACP.

    4. Hollow2446 on

      Good job guys and the war was called off. So you dont have to fight the SSACP.

      Andrew575: Ok, thanks.

    5. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      “Sorry, I’m not declaring war on IPA especially because I know the leader in real life.”
      That’s what we would be doing if we were helping Nachos invade England.
      Andrew575: Ohhhh okay. I get it. But we could just attack the SSACP, yeah, it would probably be a conflict.

    6. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      Invading someone’s territory sounds like war to me.

    7. jedimaster17 on

      Andrew, no offense but I don’t like the idea of Shadow being on the house of lords. To me it seems like another way to try to control us. We are better educated and more mature than the nachos. So our house of Lords would be equal power.That means that a person who’s first loyalty to nachos , our ex-rulers, basically similar rule. Fourth if we have plans of development, it may be leaked.I am sorry but I disagree.
      Andrew575: I see your point, but then again, Shadow apparently wants to help us. He basically gave us independence. And everyone in the House of Lords has equal power, so you don’t have to worry about that. I do think Shadow would do good in the House of Lords. But if he leaks out a lot of information, we can always fire him and just let him be a citizen. So lesson to everybody-Don’t leak out any secret information. And we’re not going to war with the nachos because the whole land conflict was entirely solved. We’ll see how the poll goes.

    8. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      I think that being in either House has to be earned. They need to either be elected by the people or show themselves to be capable before the king appoints them.
      Andrew575: I really didn’t appoint him, he still has to be elected.

    9. hollow2446 on

      Andrew. The battle has changed up. The Sleet Empire will have to go to war with SSACP with us. But dont worry, we will have other allies there. You are going to mark an invasion on the SSACP capital with the Maraca Legion and our allies. Try to make it to our meeting. We left a post on

      P.S. I do think I would do a good job as a lord.
      Jedi: Shadow, you do realize that not many people will trust you right?

      Andrew575: I can hopefully make it to the meeting, 6:00 PM isn’t a very convenient time for me but I’ll try. And Jedi, we don’t know what Shadow is going to do what you say he will, so please, just trust him a little. Even if you dislike him. Again, I respectfully disagree with you. But when is the invasion?

    10. jedimaster17 on

      Andrew, Things are hardly whatever they seem to be.I respectfully diasgaree. This just seems like a way to kep the Nachos thumb on us. J=his first loyalty is to nachos which CPUN……. yeah you know what I mean.
      Andrew575: If Shadow just always takes the decision that is best for the Nachos, then we’ll know that. I respectfully disagree that Shadow is going to just make sure the Nachos have some control over us.

    11. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      ” But if he leaks out a lot of information, we can always fire him and just let him be a citizen.”
      How will that work? Is there going to be an impeachment trial with a court and jury? Or is it just plain getting fired?

    12. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      “That’s what will happen in Sleet Empire, when we’re all retired and gone, legends of the past.”
      Sleet Empire may be the only way to be remembered. You will need to appoint successors who keep the Sleet Empire going, and maybe a Hall of Fame page mentioning certain people and who they were. Otherwise, we might as well be another name, like Tomwolf.

    13. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      I agree with Jedimaster. Also, the Nachos want to give England to UMA if they win the war with ACP. I don’t want to go against Hollister765 like that.
      Also, the fact that he didn’t fill out a form makes me suspicious…
      Andrew575: Hey, he just said he really didn’t want to and “Lets say 5 bucks saysies we forgetsies the form” AS A JOKE, NO ONE SHOULD TAKE THAT LITERALLY and this is the one exception to the form thing. I know it makes a lot of you really unhappy, but we would still be unhappy if he never gave us our independence, think about it.

    14. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

      I think Sleet should have a Parliament Session as well as a discussion with an ambassador from IPA.
      Andrew575: I do not believe that IPA has appointed an ambassador, they don’t own any land outside UK, they probably don’t need one.

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