New Chat Meeting

Not made by me, but again, because there wasn’t a representative from RPF or the Golds (because of the practice battle) so Shadow re-scheduled it for today.

  • Where?
  • Who? All Armies big and small ( preferably big ) Send Representatives who are prepared to make BIG decisions if u cant make it yourself.
  • (I, Andrew575, will be there)

  • Time? The time will be at 5:00 EST Time
  • That is:
    5:00 Eastern Time
    4:00 Central Time
    3:00 Mountain Time
    2:00 Pacific Time

    Also, because we are low on immigration, I’m going to start propaganda, like posters and stuff. My older brother is doing stuff on our home computer. He’s the one in Law School and my other older brother is in Iraq. I can’t give you his name because he has an incredibly common name and if I gave you his last name that would give away my full name because you all know my real name is Andrew. He’s an officer. I can’t remember exactly what rank though. He’s not a regular soldier though, but he’s not like a General and in command of the U.S. army, no, he’s not that high ranked. I have 2 older brothers, the one in law school is 22 and the one in the army is 24, and there’s me at 13. Maybe my older brother (The U.S. army officer) could give me some ideas for propaganda…

    Its just really good that the older brother in Iraq is coming home this summer and isn’t going back to Iraq for a year. I doubt the war will be over by then but I hope it is. He’s just really good at everything I do and its really fun to spend time with him but I can’t obviously because he’s more than 3000 miles away and I’m not old enough to enlist and try to be under his command. And by the time I am old enough to enlist (In 5 years) he will be too old to be in the U.S. army (The oldest you can be in the U.S. army is 28.) Both of my older brothers are really cool. The U.S. Army Officer (Ok, I’ll just give you his name it’s Sam) so Sam lets me clean his guns and takes me and my other brother (The one in Law Schools name is Jack. Yes, I have a very commonly named family) to some place in the country and we play paintball and target practice, with the real U.S. army guns. (Lie M-16s and stuff) Its really fun. Sam usually wins at paintball though because He’s been in combat, and has experience.

    Enough about my brothers though.

    We should work more on our mercenaries. In fact, lets re-name them our army. It won’t make any difference. The name doesn’t have very much to do with anything. And we’ll have some barracks training in the summer when Sam comes home and he can help me train you guys. I’ll post more closer to the summer.



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