Shadow2446’s Form

Ok, I was at the chat meeting and it is going to start tomorrow because of the RPF vs. Golds Tournament and there wasn’t a representative for ACP, RPF, or the Golds.

Here’s Shadow’s Poll

Name: Shadow2446

Qualifications: As a Nacho, it used to be my job to protect Sleet, and I think I did a pretty good job at that, and I’d like to continue working for Sleet

Background:I’ve been in the nachos as ambassador. I found out about Sleet because I helped them get independence, and I used to be Head General for the Nachos on Blizzard leading successful battles against the old UMA Empire.

Goals: I was to get a ranger system set up on Sleet. “The Sleet Rangers”. To protect it better.

What kind of laws would you like to see? I would like to see a “Naughty Penguin Law” because a bunch of horn birds on club penguin have you know that and that needs to stop.

Rate yourself: 8. It’d be full if I wasn’t a Nacho, and if you hadn’t wanted a war so bad to gain independence.



1 comment so far

  1. 123antonov on

    i think i will quit it doesnt really have much to do with police srry cya
    Andrew575: Ok. Thanks for joining though.

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