Nachos Victory

The Nachos won against SSACP! In fact, SSACP really wasn’t even there. Only 3-4 people, and ACP 3-4 people also. And the Nachos, 30-40 people (I was one of them) so it was pretty obvious who won. But it reminded me of the Vietnam War. The SSACP uniform is similar to the ACP uniform and not many of the SSACP uniforms were actually being worn. Plus there were like 20 bystanders trying to form their own armies because they think that the Nachos are just an army that doesn’t have a site or anything. Those are the people who say “Join the robot Team Here!” and are dressed like a Robot.

Anyway… Shadow suggested it, and we really need it. The Sleet Rangers, a patrol team that will walk around Sleet and patrol it. So shadow, tell me your email and I will make you an admin and you can start the Sleet Rangers!



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  1. jedimaster17 on

    Wouldn’t the Police do the same thing. I’m thinking that the spies could go undercover gangs that terrorize Sleet Citizens.
    Also has Nachos offically given Sleet up?
    Andrew575: I was thinking that the Police would just hang out in places and watch for criminals like in the Pizza Parlor and Coffee Shop and in stores and the Rangers would actually move around. And spies could very well be useful that way. Yes, the Nachos gave Sleet to us, look at the top of the page here Shadow gave us independence.

  2. gtracer on

    my email is And i’ve formed several of these types of teams

    did nachos really win?! I heard SSACP won
    Andrew575: I was there, the Nachos won by a long shot. Maybe you should help Shadow lead it.

  3. Ideaman on

    Uh…Andrew…couldn’t the Police Force and Spy Agency do the job of the Sleet Rangers?
    Andrew575: Yeah you’re right but let’s have them anyway because the more security the better. Plus it gives everyone something to do.

  4. gtracer on

    what do you mean help shadow? Im not understanding…

  5. Ideaman on

    “Plus it gives everyone something to do.”
    If we want to do that, we should have more jobs than just Rangers, Soldiers, Police, Knights and Medics. Maybe we should have…ambassadors?
    Jedi:How do you have medics? I was thinking the spies could infiltrate the enemies, and rangers could scout, and yeah. Can I be an ambassador?
    Andrew575: You have medics to provide free medical care. We could have ambassadors…

  6. Ideaman on

    Maybe we should have immigration officials, or people who invite people on Sleet for parties.
    Andrew575: We could have recruiters like in an army but instead they recruit for what we would do.

  7. Ideaman on

    That way more people can join.

  8. Ideaman on

    Another thing people could do is start up their own businesses. Since it is capitalism they can start any kind of business they want as long as what they do isn’t illegal. That way people might come for jobs.
    Andrew575: If we really did that we could probably buy out RPF Inc. because we’d have all these companies and way more money.

  9. Markjonny on

    how about the rangers are boreder guards to stop ilegal imagration
    Andrew575: Immigration, even if illegal, can be good but we’ll know if a large amount of unwanted people come in and the Sleet Rangers can chase them out.

  10. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    I don’t think Sleet wants to keep people out at the moment.
    Andrew575: Yeah we want as much as possible. If we become a large server like mammoth or blizzard or deep freeze, we’ll have way more people!

  11. Bob on

    🙂 Time for history talk:!: 1. What destroyed the roman empire 2. What was opreatoin borbossa in 3.Whats more popualer mac or windows 4.Is toronto a beta 4. Is the russain winter good:?: 5. Is the ak-74 good:?: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bob^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  12. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    1. The Roman Empire was finished off by the Invading “barbarians” but it would have been able to fight them off it it hadn’t been weakened by internal problems: Social problems, (like people not caring about right and wrong) economic problems, (like government not having enough money) military problems, (such as not enough soldiers) and internal political problems. (Like people wanting to make military coups, weak leaders who were controlled by other people.)
    2. Operation Barbarossa was WW2.
    3. I don’t know
    4. Toronto is a city in Canada. The Russian winter was good. It killed Napoleon’s forces when they invaded Russia, it killed the Nazis when they invaded Russia.
    5. I think so. It’s a better weapon than a bow and arrow, at least.
    Andrew575: As far as I know everything here is correct. But for #3, I would say Widows probably is more popular only because it is older but macs are totally the way to go.

  13. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    So…do I win anything…or did I get a lot of the answers wrong ❓

    Anyway…when the Roman Empire fell they turned to fuedalism:!:

  14. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    So…why did you change your name to Bob Markjonny?

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