ACPE1’s 1st Post

There will probably be a chat meeting on Thursday. The time will be posted later, but how many people can come?

Questions for Shadow:
When did you join Club Penguin?
When did you join the Nachos?

ACPE1, this is basically all you have to do.



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  1. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Will people be able to come at 4 PM on Thursday?
    Andrew575: I can make that.

  2. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Emphasis would be on getting Parliament members to the meeting, but it could be more of a town hall where everyone comes.
    Andrew575: There could be a private chat for The House of Lords (Remember we don’t have parliament anymore) while the town hall meeting is going on.

  3. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    Visit my site please and comment i made improve ments

  4. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Whoa…nice site. But you haven’t posted for an entire week…no offense but maybe you should post more often…do you think you could mention army news, like Sleet, IPA, Club Penguin United Nations, ACP, Nachos, WW, Navy, RPF, IPDC and whoever?
    Just ideas.
    Andrew575: Maybe I could do foreign news again…. But tomorrow you will be temporary king so just leave in a comment what you would like to be in a post.

  5. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Actually I was talking to markjonny…but it might help to include foreign news…if it increases Sleet’s chances of appearing in possibly related posts.
    Andrew575: Or it might get us into RSS of another blogroll.

  6. Markjonny on


  7. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    You’re welcome.

  8. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Do you think we should have a suggestion page?
    Andrew575: Do you mean like an advice page? Maybe that could work.

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