NO, I’m not retiring!
But sadly, Shadow2446 did. He was a great person, and I’m sad he retired. I hope he will stick around after, like Oagal and Commando do. Also I made the list of people he was thanking 😎 That’s a first. And he retired from the Sleet Empire Government. And made me realize something. We really have come a long way. Our path to independence was smoother than Shadow and I expected. So Shadow, thanks for 4 things…
1. For giving us independence (It wasn’t really because of me, it was you Shadow who gave us independence, thanks!)
2. For being so loyal and always coming up with great ideas
3. For Being a good leader, of the Nachos and in Sleet Empire
4. For being a good friend!

That means we now have 2 positions open in the House of Lords.(Cool Zone left Sleet Empire) You know the drill, form, poll, and election.

Remember the plans for when I go on vacation!

Andrew575 *Salutes Shadow*


4 comments so far

  1. gtracer on

    but ur not retiring right?
    Andrew575: No, I’m not retiring.

  2. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Shadow, I used to not like you, but in the end you turned out to be an okay guy.


    Live long and prosper. As this chapter of your life ends, you will have a new chapter to write.

    Enjoy your future adventures.
    By the way, can I ask some questions before you go?
    When did you join CP?
    When did you join Nachos?

  3. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Oh, and I think that if Sleet gets a Hall of Fame Shadow should be in it.
    Andrew575: I agree completely. I’ll Make one.

  4. gtracer on

    Yea agreed with ACPE

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