Starting tomorrow until around the 20th, ACPE1 will be temporary king of Sleet Empire. This means whatever he leaves in a comment, I want an admin to put in a post. Admins, PLEASE do this because it is basically how we will stay alive during the next few days. This means check for comments in the next couple of days, any that are from ACPE1, copy and paste the content into a new post, and then moderate the rest and answer them if you can. It is very unlikely I will be able to access internet but its possible so I will if I can. My Dad and brother both have laptops so I can just use theirs and try to find wifi connection. Hopefully there will be some…

Good Luck! And please don’t fight for power, I don’t want to have to try and end a Civil War when I come home. I’m positive you will all do fine.


2 comments so far

  1. Markjonny on

    6 hundred hits

  2. Markjonny on

    I dint right that comment

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