I Can Post Again Now!

Well I won $56 from my brother because we were stuck with a deck of cards and 8 hours in the car and we played a LOT of poker…

I’m on the computer in the lobby of the Hotel I’m staying at in Jackson, Wyoming. Its a pretty neat town. They have a halfpipe and I didn’t bring my skateboard :[ But why would I bring my skateboard to Yellowstone National Park? I guess I didn’t know we would be staying here so I didn’t think about it but whatever.

I have no idea what is going on now so I’m going to check the other armies’ websites when I’m done with this post.

But there is on GREAT, AMAZING, SUPER thing I found out right before we left! By brother (The one who is in Iraq) is getting back home on June 19, 2008! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now, I’ll post again in a while or tomorrow.


20 comments so far

  1. Markjonny on

    Thank goodness ur brother is not dead
    Andrew575: Yeah, Thank Goodness!

  2. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    I dont like this theme
    Andrew575: You mean of the site, right? I don’t really like it but it shows all the pages at the top. Or, I could just have the pages widget… I’ll change the theme.

  3. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    Im bored we should have a talk

  4. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    1 minute later

  5. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    Im so bored !!! Lets have a talk about somethin+

  6. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    one mintue leater

  7. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    Come back to good old minnesota
    Andrew575: I get to come back in about 4 days.

  8. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    Wow thats a lot of comments
    Andrew575: Yeah, 16 of them. Thats fine though, I have a lot of time at night when I’m on vacation.

  9. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    I cant go to anybodys wordpress exept this one!!!
    Andrew575: Why?

  10. Markjonny on

    Ive been bored for ever!

  11. captainnyg on

    Tell your brother, that we are thankful for his service in Iraq..

    Nyg13, Nacho Major General
    Andrew575: I’ve done that several times, and now I’ll do it again!

  12. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    4 hours later and fiftty miinutes later im still bored

  13. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    Cuz like i try to go to wweadam but im logged inso i can visit mostly any website
    Andrew575: That’s weird, it should work whether you are logged in or not.

  14. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    I imporved my blog
    Andrew575: I’ll go check it out!

  15. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    nice theme
    Andrew575: Thanks! It was our older one but I changed it because we have a LOT of pages (I should combine some) and I wanted to have them all at the top.

  16. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    In the other theme i was looking for everything

  17. ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 on

    Tell your brother we are grateful for his service.
    Andrew575: I’ve done it many times before, and nopw I’ll do it again!

  18. Markjonny on

    im searching ideaman on google
    Andrew575: What did you find?

  19. lebnany4ever on

    Found nothing about him
    Andrew575: That would be funny if he was on Google…

  20. mrdeedledoo on

    Congratulations man! What a relief. I was thinking of becoming a soldier when I grow up. CP inspires me alot. Well, how’s it going Andrew? How’s Sleet? You’re progressing really fast. The RPA (formerly known as the Navy) has started anew. Our new site is at http://www.rparoyalpenguinarsenal.wordpress.com. Just thought you would like to know. Also, we’re on recruit runs and our elections for the vacant ranks will be coming this Thursday. If any of you would like to have a rank, please submit your name and the rank you would like to have which is in our RPA page.

    Well, goodluck and congratz again!

    Andrew575: Everything in Sleet is moving along really well, and I’m in a good mood because I got back from a big trip 2 hours ago. Maybe I’ll join…

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