Watex/Fever vs. ACP, Nachos, UMA, RPF, Golds, Ice Warriors, SSACP, and Watex Warrior Revolutionists

Update: Shadow ranked me as Vice Admiral which is basically 2nd in command, along with Flarry Jerry. Thanks Shadow for the high rank!
We all know how Watex/Fever runs the biggest site of club penguin cheats. Now, he wants to have a server change from Tundra to flippers. Now the Nachos just dropped all of their land, and now, the Nachos are apparently ready to fight to defend land. Doesn’t exactly make sense to me, but I’m not leading the Nachos so whatever. Oagal predicts that the Watex Militia (A quickly formed group of volunteer soldiers who don’t serve full time) will outnumber them 4-1. Not good. I am a Nacho Sergeant, and hopefully an Admiral in Shadow’s New Army but we’ll see how he ranks me today…

Anyways, I’m going to be attending this battle under Nachos command, Sleet Empire is staying Neutral because Sleet is not in any contact or communication whatsoever with Flippers OR Tundra for that matter, but here’s the Battle information:

  • ACP: Counter-invade the Watex Warriors at Flippers.
  • Nachos: Counter-invade the Watex Warriors at Flippers.
  • RPF: Remove all remaining Watex Warriors from Tundra.
  • UMA: Defend Mammoth from any invading enemy forces.
  • Golds: Defend Mammoth from any invading enemy forces.
  • Ice Warriors: Defend Frozen, another major server at risk of invasion.
  • Watex Warrior Revolutionists: Enter Flippers and slip into Watex’s forces. There, you can give false commands and bring confusion to the enemy forces.
  • SSACP: Help the ACP and Nachos in Flippers. This can help our alliance, but then again, you may not want to go.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • DATE: Friday, June 20
  • TIME: 12:00pm PST
  • —Eastern Time: 3:00pm
    —Central Time: 2:00pm
    —Mountain Time: 1:00pm
    —Pacific Time: 12:00pm
    —U.K. Time: 8:00pm

  • SERVER: Flippers, USA North.
  • ROOM: Snowforts, but we may move as the battle progresses.
  • REASON: Stopping the Watex Warrios from destroying one of our servers.
  • With all these armies against Watex’s forces, I highly doubt the odds are 4-1, but Oagal has more experience at this than I do.



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    1. ACPE1/RPA Ambassador 1 on

      I think Oagal is forgetting an important thing: Watex doesn’t lead WW anymore. The new site has less hits. Less hits, less soldiers. The worst I would expect is 2-1, but I think we would be more even than that.
      Andrew575: Yeah if Watex lead them it probably would be 4-1. We don’t have to worry.

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