I’m considering quitting./ Ideas

I’m considering quitting Sleet and CPN over a dispute. Apparently a contact unnamed informed me that it was Aandrew who gave me the rank of Ensign in CPN. Is it true Andrew? 
Andrew575: Yes, it is. But there are reasons for it. If I could have given you a higher rank, I would have given you admiral. But I couldn’t. Shadow told me to rank everyone as Ensign. I will talk to him and ask him to let me give you a higher rank. Sorry about this… And the contest is a really good idea. Also we have a law system…


#1 I’m proposing a contest.

Whoever gets five new citizens in 1 week get to be Editor on Sleet, and……… 10,000 coins, and If your a member than………… a free igloo redecoration thrown in done by your’s truly. 

#2 We get a law system.

#3 We create emergency laws in times of crisis.


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  1. Gtracer on

    Quitting armies or CP?
    Dun quit plz!

  2. ACPE 1/RPA Ambassador 1 on

    If I wasn’t also thinking about quitting, I would tell you not to quit Jedi. We do have laws. https://sleetempire.wordpress.com/laws
    “We create emergency laws in times of crisis.” That’s a good idea. Like, when invasions or whatever happens we may want to declare martial law. In such a case I think that Parliament (well it’s actually more of a Council of Lords right now) should serve as Warlord Generals.

  3. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> on

    Can you tell me the pass to codenames it doesnt show up in my inbox when you emailed the pass to the pages for sleet it dindt show up

  4. Jetli AkA Markjonny on

    Sunday was a day to remember milloins of people died in the war milloins .It was the war between 2 tank super powers.It was a bloody war it was the day drum roll NAZI GERMANY ATTACKED RUSSIA (STUPID GERMANS) Some people got their head shot off.It was the biggining of the best tank of all time to begin The t34 .It had the battle kursk .If you woor infantry you would probaly be dead! Cuz more than 3 milloin tanks where there !And stalingrade Where snipers where every where it was a huge battle .Put all the battles together you geth opreation borrbossa.My grandpas brother died in the war.I had a friend in portland Whos grandpa was praying and got shot in the back 10 times.And survievd hes partner killed the german who shot him.And the tiger is not the best tank in the 2nd world war the t 34 was it would smash into the tigers armor and kill every body in the tiger but everybody in the t 34 had no damadge except some scracthslol ____Jetli___Aka__Markjonny___
    Andrew575: Wow, you know your history!

  5. Jetli AkA Markjonny on

    comment 922

  6. ACPE 1/RPA Ambassador 1 on

    Did you know that some British people prayed that Hitler would attack Russia so he would be forced to divide his forces? That’s what I heard idk if it really happened.
    Andrew575: Wow, that’s pretty desperate

  7. Jetli AkA Markjonny on

    drops mouth how did you learn that

  8. jedimaster17 on

    Germany’s biggest fear was to fight a 2 sided war. They belived if attacked on 2 flanks they would be annihilated. Soooo they allied with Russia to split with poland in early World War II. [Later they jumped ship, but…..]

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