Read this. This army clearly states that it “owns” Sleet. The Sleet Empire! I just am informing you guys. Just a bit of info. I got out of School!

A social topic [we haven’t done these in weeks] whats your faveoriteclothing company?

Mine are Abercrombie, Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Hollister.

BTW about the above. Chat meeting on thursday? 9 0’clock?


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  1. Hattrick on

    Yes we do own Sleet. we got this peice of land from the GPNG. Also with the other 4 servers.
    Andrew575: No, you do not own Sleet. We got our land from one of the biggest armies out there, the Nachos, We fought for our independence, and gained it. You didn’t have to do what we did. You just claimed it, we had to do WAY, WAY more for it.

  2. ACPE 1/RPA Ambassador 1 on

    Bad news. We may have to declare martial law as a result of this. We need more troops. I never heard of that army of the Club Penguin National Guard.
    Andrew575: We may have to declare war, you’re right. Well at least we have experience at this, remember our conflict with the nachos? I’ve never heard of them either, but I’m sure we will have the Nachos support along with ours. After all, the Nachos gave us our independence, and I’m friends with most of the Nachos. This shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

  3. Hattrick on

    I would like to have a talk with your leader.

    Today at 12pst

    The MRF chat.

    I look foward see you.
    Andrew575: Oh, sorry, I missed that. I’ll make a post with a new time.

  4. ktman2 on

    The CPUN is having a election for Vice President of the CPUN. I advise you to vote for Ktman in the election because he is a great leader and promises to be fair to everyone. You can vote for him at this link

    by posting a comment that says Ktman’s name and your army’s name. Thank You!

  5. Itachi6dark on

    Hi guys, theres an election for CPUN vice president and the candidents are me and Ktman. I suggest you vote for me because I have done a lot for the CPUN and I can do WAY more if I win. Im a great leader and want the best for all. If you vote submit the army you’re in. VOTE FOR ITACHI because I know you want to! Go to this link to vote:

  6. andrew575 on

    also those are my favorite clothing stores lol

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