Different Knight Ranks

I’m proposing different ranks for knights and soldiers.

Chief Knight- [Commander]

Deputy Chief Knight [2nd in Command]

Shakti[powerful Knight] /Vajra Knight [Lightning] Knight – [3rd in command]

Senior Knight [Brigadier] 

Knight-First Class- Colonel

Knight 2nd Class-Major


Junior Knight-Liutenant 

Chief Squire -Warrant Officer

Senior Squire- Master Seargent

Squire First Class- Seargent

Chief Page-Corporal

Page First Class-Private First Class


~Chill out


Andrew575: That’s a lot of ranks…. Maybe we should start smaller considering our Knights aren’t very big yet?


1 comment so far

  1. magmashark on

    Ya thats really big. You sure r writing alot for how many members u have

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