Good News for Us! Sleet has been pardoned!

Andrew575: Yeah, being friends with lots of high-ranked people can really pay off sometimes. I kinda knew about this for a while but then forgot to post it…. sorry about that! And we really shouldn’t go to war now… we really aren’t an army in the first place, and if we fought with the Nachos, we would be fighting lots of our allies, and if we fought the Nachos, that wouldn’t turn out that well, I’d be fighting so many of my friends. So for this war, we’re officially neutral.

Well it’s in the title,Sleet’s been offically pardoned by the Nachos. [Personally If we wern’t I’d go suck up to Abercrombe29 , but thats a different story]

Here is Shadows comment

“Well, it has been happening wether you know it or not and most of these armies ARENT innocent. The Sleet Empire has been pardonned by the Nachos and can choose wether or not to participate in this war or not. Your choice.”

I don’t know whether we ought to participate or not. I’m aware that a lot of us here are in “Small Armies” such as RPA, umm etc…

There also are some of us in “Major” armies. Like ACP [I’m  a Brigadier, ACPE1’S a lieutenant], Nachos [Andrew , Nachos Lt.], RPF [Jedi-Millitary Marshal, ACPE1-Colonel], UMA [Jedi-Chief, IDK about any1 else]…..



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