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I’m sorry to post over Ktman’s post but this is vital. I have now became a ACP Senator. Now I am running for Top Senator to Represent everyone and bring the change we need.

I would:

<Represent Evryone
< Help train new cadets.. although I already do.. I guess improve on it.
< I will try to stop discrimination from Members XD
< I will have more practive wars.
< I’ll make more allies
< I’ll obey orders.
<get more recruits
<throw parties :d
< try to stabilize relations between big armies and small
<and More! {etc..}

Guys remember even if you vote against me, I don’t care its not me what matters, its CP.

The soldiers of Club Penguin can make a choice.

It’s obvious that a lot of ACP has became lax due to corruption and special intrest groups. People are working hard but sometimes they are ignored and called noobs. Which is insulting and freaky. We need new leadership, who’ll help change ACP high command, one who’ll improve relations, give smaller armies, land grants, and one that will always put their army and organization first as apose to  personal intrests. I think I can do that. With your help , with your friendship, with everything that the great people of CP and the rest have given me hopefully, I can rise and make ACP a better and more hospitable place.

I offer a lot and so do the other canidates , but check out their record:

Cooltiger413- Not that active, and only comes on when there are elections. He reduced SSACP’s power, and hasn’t shown commitment.

Nakib-I support Nakib, he’s done a lot for ACP, commanded several battles, headed divisons, and is active.

Spedas-He’s an awesome person, but he isn’t also that active. He also loses’ his cool, sometimes, and is insubbordinate. Ask anyone.

ACP Wrrior- He’ll certainly help the lower ranks, but he’s evidently biased to other armies, witht the support of Anti ACP. cough cough. He has little to no experience, and makes often disturbing comments.

Bluespeed7- is inactive, and rarely on chats. He hasn’t commanded any battles and has no experience.

Clintoos-he’s cool and all that but he just recieved his Admiral commison maybe 1 month ago, before the crazy rebellions. He lacks experience.

Abercrombe29-She’s amazing I know. She’s also my friend , but she’s not dedicated to ACP. She said she’s retired from all armies and then leaps back in. She’s been in power for way too long, and isn’t totally commited.

The Jungle N- He has repeatedly cursed when Cooltiger has gotten promoted over him, to Fort the then ACP leader.He’s also actually dropped out of the race..

I joined one year ago to help make CP a better place. I worked my way up in the ACP and other armies ladder finally rising to the Prestigious rank of ACP Head Admiral. I have worked for CPUN and several smaller armies for a long time. I commanded a lot of Order67 stuff, and also negotiated against it. I’ve stepped aside all the natural anger when I lost a closely contested race for Ice Breaker to Boomer20 , now a dear friend. I became his Second in Command. I’ve  also helped ACP security and sepionage. I’m a ACP Head Admiral, Nacho General, and RPF Head General, a CPUN Embassador and a lot more. I’ve always stood up for the less knows, and created the current CPUn constitution,and Government. I’ve done a lot for the CP world, and iwth your help, with your vote hopefully I can do even more. Thank you.



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