Last words

Dearest friends, comarades, and everyone else.

I have decided to announce my resignation date, for Club Penguin. It will be November 16th, 2008.I’ve given a lot of time to this game, and its players. Please listen to my story…

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great sorrow I take my leave of you today. You were all great friends, but now I’ve reached a time, where I’ve realized a lot of things. Please listen to my story:

I joined CP in May of 2007. I joined because of my friend Howie, also known as LiHao on Club Penguin. I wasn’t particularly interested and soon tired of it. Later another friend of mine, Navid got into it. He soon learned about the armies surrounding this game, and joined ACP. He was a normal soldier at first and eventually became a Lieutenant. A month or so before my time, he quit, but left me the site. Until then I had been fighting as a unranked soldier. I then registered as Jedimaster17. Full of excitement for the game, and the army I was ranked a Captain in the Airborne Divison. I was not that active then, but at the start of Fort’s era, I became very active, quickly earning promotions from Captain to Colonel to Commodore and finally the marking stone of my career.  Brigadier. During this time, I had unsuccessfully ran for Governorship for Ice Breaker, and through it made myself better well know. I then joined RPA –Royal Penguin Arsenal then named the Navy , thanks to a link on the SSACP site. I now think back, how lucky I was to join this particular group of people, and earn their trust and support. Later I was given Authorship on the RPA site, and then Editor, on both that and the CPUN site.  As my ACP Career continued, I became more, and more active losing time from other vital things, such as school, social life, and my family. I was obsessed with it, and now realize in reality its not worth it. I have so many goals I want to accomplish, this obsession..this addiction is preventing me. Later after Brigadier , I rose to Admiral, and then when Fort retired Fleet Admiral. After this, I eventually earned my way up to Head Admiral, and soon Head General. I worked for Espionage, on several fronts. With Head Admiral, my attatchment grew. But after a while, I was getting tired, there was school, and so much more going on. After my Head Admiral promotion I joined RPF as a Head General {Kg when he was leader of RPF made me a Marshal}, and Nachos as a General. I was on the fast track for success. I became a Senator of ACP, and maybe now a Top Senator. I was moving quickly. I had written the Constitution for CPUN, designed the government, and finally, and became a CPUN Embassador. I also won RPF Governorship of Snowfall. I was doing well. But after a while, I began to feel discontent, about my relationships, my friends and everything. I was tired of this. I read so many books, and I saw, how the world is. I realized , the time of CP armies is slowly ending, and time to look at the real world. Imagine, so many people tortured because of hunger, prosecuted because of religion, not allowed an education. I thought of my own family’s situation. My family was a middle-class , well off family. We moved to the US when I was 6 years old. My father could only stay in the US for 7 years. After that we had to leave, which I didn’t want to do. Instead of packing my bags my mom, started taking courses so we would have a pretext. Later afterward, we received permanent residentship of Canada. I though about how  much my parents were spending and I realized, I was wasting my life. I wanted to do something for them, to help them. Now I realize the only way I can repay them, is if I can furfill my dream. To be well known, and be in a position to give to others and yet have plenty for myself. I wanted to do this, yet armies stood in my way. I on November 16th will retire from all armies, and only occasionally return. That is my vow, and promise. I’ve hurt to many people in this game, and won’t any longer. After this speech is posted I will gradually starting from November slip out and gradually break my relationships, and retire.

I resign as Head Admiral of ACP, RPF Head General, Nachos General, IW 4 star General  , CPUN Embassador and all other ranks.

Here is my list-

Abercrombe29- You were an awesome friend, and I’ll miss you.

Fort- Amazing leader. Good luck in life.

Kg- You were awesome too. Great leader.

Nakib- Good friend, while it lasted.

Cooltiger-I’m proud to know you.

Mr.Deedeldoo-I’m glad to have served with you.

Ktman- Nice job.

Shnseymour- You were awesome, and thanks.

Itachi-Namaste bayah. Mai jare hoon.

Fiddyy- Bye’

ACPE1- Wise person, I’m following your path.

Freshzac, Speed, Extreme, Wombat- You all were great friends, and comorades.

Andrew575- Good luck with rebuilding Sleet Empire.

Nodear- You were great, and I’ll miss you.

Nyg-You would’ve been an awesome leader, and thanks for endorsing me.

Boomer- I lost to you for Ice Breaker, yet you taught me much.

Iron- enjoy

Rapidy- You were great. I enjoyed hanging out with you.

Ziehen- Hope you get the whole ACP vs. RPF thing sorted out.

Commandro, Kyle- Thanks guys for all your help in my RPF career, although I didn’t always agree with you.

Tylo5-Thanks for supporting me dude.

Miroos- Your awesome, I wish you luck with you career.

Bridget, Khalgar, jimmr- It was fun training and hanign out with you guys. I hope you’ll serve ACP well.

Shaboom- You were amazing, and helped me a lot.

Sheila Gally- Well, I had differences with you but bye,

Meggis1234- You can belive what you wish, I always cared.

Casiusbrutus- Thank you for your endorsement, and yes I disagreed with you, but at least it ended well.

Kid Robot- You were great too.

Shadow- Good luck with Nachos dude.

Everyone else I may have missed- Thank you.


After this I may return occasionally. I will not become an Oagal. Finally after this, I plan to skip grades, go to college early and make a difference. I want to make my parents proud. Thank you all.

Good bye



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    that was well written

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    bye ankita :/

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