Yep, another election

Yes, fellow CPUN members I’m in another election. I was placed on the ballow.This actually occured, without my knowledge because I’ve been sick lately, and have just gotten on.

This time, I’m apparently running for RPF Senator..

Please vote for Jedimaster17 , on , the poll is towards the middle.

I would bring change to RPF

I would help other smaller armies within the RPF be better recognized.

I’ve been the RPF Governur of Snowfall for quite some time now, and I’ve worked on it, reaching across the ailse to ask my opponent if they wanted to assist me, and be Lieutenant Govenur.

I have deep ties to RPF, as well as the fact that I can maintain good relations with CPUN, ACP, UMA, and Nachos. I would hold myself accountable to the members of the Federation, and work for the people. 

I would take responsibility, and not cuss when things go wrong..  I’ve also been the 3rd in command of RPF security and espionage for a time, and worked with Furbur. I think most of my opponents are awesome, but I still maintain I’d be the better choice for RPF, and everyone else.


RPF Head General of the Navy

RPF Governur of Snowfall

RPF 3rd in Command of Security and Espionage.

ACP Top Senator

ACP Head Admiral 

Yep, Mix101, you’re in.


2 comments so far

  1. ACPE 1/RPA Ambassador 1 (dropping in, deceased on CP reborn in real life) on

    would like to apologize for the fact that I originally joined you because I didn’t like Nachos and tried to make you make war on Nachos. I would like to apologize for the fact that it was somewhat manipulative. I hope I have been albe to make up for it. I would also llike to apologize for my bad side, because it may have let down the people who believed in me. I have changed my mind about not checking in. I have decided to check in on this site ( I plan to stop checking in by Thursday, but anyone could change my mind.

  2. Mix 1011 on

    ok andrew if u dont post by sunday i will make a new sleet empire site
    Andrew575: No, this is always the official sleet empire site, making a new website doesn’t help anyone.

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